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Mobile money middleware

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PesaPI is an open source API for mobile money systems, released under the BSD(lite) license.
Using PesaPI you can save considerable time and effort when integrating mobile money systems into your application, making it easy for your application to detect when a payment has been received.

The system currently supports:

You can easily help us support more mobile money systems - even if you are not a developer

Current status

PesaPI is considered production ready for most of the supported mobile money systems, and is in active use in several solutions. However keep in mind that mobile money systems often change behaviour and that Telco's are often not very good at informing the public about these changes, as such it is important that you maintain your PesaPI installation and keep it updated as time progresses.

Current development focus

All development on PesaPI is done on a voluenteer basis, hence there are no defined timeline for development. Features are included when someone builds the code and it is integrated into the main project.

If you are impatient about a certain feature being build then the best way to make it happen is to either A: build it yourself and contribute it to the project, or B: hire a developer to build and contribute it to the project

That said the current development focus is:


If you need help, have questions or otherwise want to discuss anything PesaPI related then it is highly recommended that you use the PesaPI mailing-list which is found here and shown below.