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Mobile money middleware

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Contribute to PesaPI

PesaPi is an open source project, and is entirely depending on individual contributions to drive the project forward.


We are always looking for contributions in the following areas:

Add support for a mobile money system

Is the mobile money system you are using not (yet) supported by PesaPI ?
Most like this is because none of the developers has access to that mobile money system, but obviously you do - if you provide us with some information about how it works then we will add support for it.

Best way to get us to add support for a system is to join the mailling-list and post an mail where you answer the following questions:

  1. What is the name of the system you want support for
  2. What telco/company offers it ? link to their website ?
  3. What country is the system in ?
  4. Briefly explain to us how the system works - kindly remember that we most likely know nothing about said system
  5. Anything you know about commercial/business accounts for the same system, and let us know if you have access to such an account
  6. If the system relies on SMS communication then include as many examples of those SMS's as you can

If you send us this information and maybe allow us to follow up with a few more questions then it is very likely we can add support for it for you

Are you using PesaPI?

There is a great need for improved documentation on how to use PesaPi, hence it would be a GREAT help if you could document/blog about how you made it work for your application.

The simplest way to do it is to just write up what you did and post it in the PesaPi mailling-list, if you run a blog then you could also create a blog post about it, or you could create a youtube video screencasting how you made it work.

When documenting how you made it work consider highligting the following issues: